May 10, 2006


            The Regular Meeting of the Lower Oxford Township Board of Supervisors was held at the Township Building, 220 Township Road, on Wednesday, May 10, 2006.  Those present were: Supervisors Arthur A. Astle and W. Ronald Kepler; Code Enforcement Officer, Deborah Kinney; Building Inspector, John Jackson; Secretary, Ruth W. Libby; and 11 guests. Absent were Supervisor Kenneth L. Hershey and Roadmaster, Steve Price.


Chairman Astle called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.


There was no public comment concerning items on the agenda.


Jane Freeman of the Oxford Women’s Club asked for the Township’s blessing on the Summerfest to be held at the Catholic Church on June 10th.  She said parking is available across the street and there will be fire police to direct traffic.  She said the festival went well last year at this location.  The Supervisors wished her well.


Kepler moved and Astle seconded to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting held April 12th as presented.  MOTION CARRIED.  .


The Secretary/Treasurer presented the bills totaling $41,694.43 for the Open Space Fund, and $82,453.52 for the General Fund. A copy is attached to the minutes. Kepler moved and Astle ershey seconded that the listing of bills be approved for payment. MOTION CARRIED.


Budget Transfers:  The Secretary/Treasurer presented budget transfer requests for the General Fund and the Open Space Fund.  Kepler Moved and Astle seconded that Resolution 2006-17 authorizing budget transfers in the amount of $10,000 for the General Fund and $3,500 for the Open Space Fund be adopted.  MOTION CARRIED.


Fiduciary Transfers: The Secretary/Treasurer presented a transfer request for reimbursement of expenses in the General Fund by developers.  Kepler moved and Astle seconded to authorize a transfer of $15,363.41 from the Escrow Fund to the General Fund.  MOTION CARRIED.


The following correspondence was noted:

Received checks for Liquid Fuels from Dept of Transportation ($120,780 and $150)

Annual report from Governor’s Center for Local Government Services

Annual report from Chester County Planning Commission

April report from Union Fire Company

April State Police reports

Letter from DEP requesting a status report on Lower Oxford Township’s Act 537 Plan Revision for the Village of Lincoln University.  The Township Engineer is preparing a reply.



Reports: John Jackson presented his April report that showed nine inspections.  Included was one plan review and two CO’s issued.  Kepler moved and Astle seconded that the Building Inspector’s report be accepted.  MOTION CARRIED.


Code Enforcement Officer’s report: Deborah Kinney presented her April report that showed four permits were issued with a construction value of $239,005 resulting in permit fees of $2,121.27. She reported no Certificates of Occupancy or sign permits were issued.


Violation report:  Mrs. Kinney reported a neighbor complained about chickens on property on West Branch Road.  A notice has been sent.


Subdivision Report: A waiver request has been received for the Shaw Subdivision mostly in Upper Oxford Township.  After reviewing the plans and determining there would be no development in our township, Kepler moved and Astle seconded that the waiver for review be granted.  MOTION CARRIED.


Mrs. Kinney announced a meeting with the West Grove branch of the Chester County Health Department to discuss the Environserver Septic systems suggested for the Ballymeade Subdivision on June 2nd.


She also said that Teri Dignazio had talked to London Grove Township and that there will be a meeting on May 22nd about a stormwater management ordinance that the state may use as a model.


Kepler moved and Astle seconded that the Code Enforcement Officer’s report be accepted. MOTION CARRIED.


The Board read the April report of activities from the Township Engineer. Kepler moved and Astle seconded that the engineer’s report be accepted. MOTION CARRIED. 


Regional Act 537 Plan: Since Bob Yeatman was not present, there was no report.


Roadmaster: Ron Kepler read the April Roadmaster report, which is on file. Astle moved and Kepler seconded that the Roadmaster’s report be accepted.  MOTION CARRIED.


Regional Recreational Authority:  Lee Towner reported that they have been working on a pamphlet about activities planned in the area.  He also reminded the Supervisors of the 2006 Oxford Fair to be held August 31st and that the East Nottingham road crew said they would handle the roads. 


Old Business:  Bernard Park:  The Secretary said that Dolores Ralph had sent a letter requesting permission to install internet at the Community Center for their summer program.  She said she had contacted Armstrong Cable and they will possibly provide service at no charge if further documentation on use was provided.  Ms. Ralph was planning on attending to ask other questions.


Vacancies: Auditor:  No action


Ordinance for fire hydrants:  The Township Solicitor is working on it.  Kepler asked if the one who didn’t pay last year has paid yet.  Since no payment has been received to date, Kepler moved and Astle seconded to proceed with the necessary legal or other means to collect this debt. MOTION CARRIED.


New business:  State Road Project for 2006 – Resolution # 2006-18:  Kepler outlined that the following roads are planned to be paved:  Lower Hopewell Road from Hopewell to Calvary; all of Oxford and Francis Streets and the small portion of Hillside Drive from Rt 472 to the Borough line. Kepler moved and Astle seconded that Resolution # 2006-18 State Road Project for 2006 be adopted.  MOTION CARRIED.


Authorize commitment for new application:  Word has been received from the County that the second Astle application for the Challenge Grant Farmland Preservation Program may have more acreage than the Township committed for.   Since Hershey was absent and Astle must abstain, no action could be taken.


In other business, Kepler said that Sara Laganelli handled the phones while the secretary was attending the state convention and has agreed to assume the Secretary/Treasurer position when Ruth Libby retires this summer.  Kepler moved and Astle seconded that she be hired at the rate of $10.00 per hour and to renegotiate salary when the secretary retires. MOTION CARRIED.  


Delores Ralph arrived and was told what had been stated about getting internet service to the Community Building at Lincoln.  She then asked if she could open the summer camp up to 25 children instead of the limit of 20 that they had been offering.  The Supervisors said they are fine with that but that we will have to check with our insurance company and fire marshal.  John Jackson will check the UCC building codes for limitations.  She said ten children have already signed up.  She also asked if it would be possible to have a platform installed in the lower level to provide storage area for games and tables and chairs.  She will have to go to the Park board for their recommendation.


Under Public comments, Teri Dignazio said the historic commission will be meeting on May 16th and she invited others to the Planning Commission meeting for a presentation by Stan Stubbe on lighting.  .


JoJo Campbell said that a month’s training did not seem like enough for a new Secretary/Treasurer and she asked what the auditor vacancy was all about.


Bob Yeatman arrived and gave a brief report about the Oxford Area Sewer Authority.  He said there was not much to report.  He asked if the Conditional Use Applications have been received yet.  No.  There will be two CUH’s coming.  The lagoon project is out to bid, but he didn’t have details because the developers are handling this.  JoJo Campbell asked many questions of Mr. Yeatman on sprayfields and level of treatment planned.  It was pointed out that DEP sets the standards.


With no further comments, Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that the meeting be adjourned.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:00 p.m.


                                                Respectfully submitted,



                                                Ruth W. Libby