June 14, 2006


            The Regular Meeting of the Lower Oxford Township Board of Supervisors was held at the Township Building, 220 Township Road, on Wednesday, June 14, 2006.  Those present were: Supervisors Arthur A. Astle, Kenneth L. Hershey and W. Ronald Kepler; Code Enforcement Officer, Deborah Kinney; Building Inspector, John Jackson; Roadmaster, Steve Price; Secretary, Ruth W. Libby; Secretary-in-training, Sara Laganelli and 15 guests.


Chairman Astle called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.


There was no public comment concerning items on the agenda.


Recognition of those asking to appear on the agenda:


Jack Wuerstle and Sean McCauley, representing Brandolini’s Hickory Hill Subdivision, addressed the board.  Wuerstle requested that a declaration of responsibilities for storm water management for basin #7 of the Hickory Hill Subdivision be approved.  There was some discussion regarding the size of the basin and how it will work.  Also as to how the Home Owner’s Association will be held accountable for maintaining the basin.  Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that the declaration be approved as long as the Township Engineer approves the declaration; Brandolini pays the $5,000 fee; and East Nottingham handles all other engineering for the subdivision.  MOTION CARRIED.


Peter Gilman representing Wyncote Farms, L.P., requested that a new builder, Woodstone Homes, be able to post bond and a letter of credit in their name as a substitution for Wyncote Farms.  Wyncote Farms is selling a few lots to Woodstone for them to build on.  Everything else is to remain the same.  Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that subject to the establishment of the new financial security amounts by the Township Engineer, subject to the establishment of an amount which may be deducted from and released from Gilman’s current financial security and subject to the approval of the Township Solicitor of the documents establishing the financial security, the Board authorizes its Chairman and/or members to execute financial security documents and releases for continuation of financial security on the Wyncote development.  MOTION CARRIED.


Kepler moved and Astle seconded to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting held May 10th as presented.  MOTION CARRIED.


Kepler moved and Hershey seconded to approve the minutes of the Hearing and Special Meeting held May 24th as presented.  MOTION CARRIED.


The Secretary/Treasurer presented the bills totaling $28,610.13 for the State Fund, $2,252.38 for the Open Space Fund, and $69,612.88 for the General Fund. A copy is attached to the minutes. Kepler moved and Hershey ershey seconded that the listing of bills be approved for payment. MOTION CARRIED.

Budget Transfers:  The Secretary/Treasurer presented budget transfer requests for the General Fund.  Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that Resolution 2006-21 authorizing budget transfers in the amount of $25,000 for the General Fund be adopted.  MOTION CARRIED.

Fiduciary Transfers: The Secretary/Treasurer presented a refund request and a transfer request for reimbursement of expenses in the General Fund by developers.  Hershey moved and Kepler seconded to authorize a refund of $603.40 and a transfer of $1,229.60 from the Escrow Fund to the General Fund.  MOTION CARRIED.


The following correspondence was noted:

Letter from Department of Emergency Services asking residents to report any controlled burning to the fire company and the 9-1-1 center.  Thank you letters from Oxford Area Senior Center and the Oxford Public Library for our donations.  Letter from PENNDOT to Lincoln University stating that they need to contact township regarding their traffic concerns.  Letter from Verizon asking for support of the “Cable Customer Choice and Competition Act” introduced by Senator Dominic Pileggi.  PSATS News Bulletin article states they are opposed to any statewide cable bill.  Received paperwork regarding a possible request for increased contributions to Union Fire Co.  May reports from Union Fire Company and State Police.


Discussion: Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that the secretary write a letter to the appropriate politicians stating the Board opposes the Cable Customer Choice and Competition Act and favors the increase in turnback money for the roads.  MOTION CARRIED.


Reports: John Jackson presented his May report that showed fifteen inspections.  Included were three plan reviews and two failed inspections.  Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that the Building Inspector’s report be accepted.  MOTION CARRIED.


Code Enforcement Officer’s report: Deborah Kinney presented her May report that showed nine permits was issued with a construction value of $156,200 resulting in permit fees of $1388.00. She reported no Certificates of Occupancy or sign permits were issued.

Violation report:  Mrs. Kinney reported she sent three letters regarding vehicle code violations.  A previously addressed weed ordinance violation has not been satisfied; she will send another letter.  Previous farm animal (chickens) violation was satisfied as well as the removal of a temporary residence.

Subdivision Report: Mrs. Kinney requested a motion to be made that both the Biedekapp Subdivision and Lincoln University Science Building land development plans be deemed null and void if an extension is not received by 6/18/06.  Kepler so moved and Hershey seconded.  MOTION CARRIED.

Mrs. Kinney reported that the Dougherty 2 lot subdivision is waiting on DEP’s approval.  Brendan Dougherty still needs to sign the MOU.  Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that Resolution 2006-20 be approved to extend Resolution 2006-15 for ninety days.  MOTION CARRIED.  Hershey asked about weed violations.  Mrs. Kinney reported that one letter had been sent.

Kepler moved and Astle seconded that the Code Enforcement Officer’s report be accepted. MOTION CARRIED.


The Board read the May report of activities from the Township Engineer. Hershey moved and Kepler seconded that the engineer’s report be accepted. MOTION CARRIED. 


The Township Engineer recommended that the Letter of Credit for Elk Ridge Subdivision be reduced by $53,101.00.  Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that the release from letter of credit be approved.  MOTION CARRIED.


Regional Act 537 Plan: Bob Yeatman reported that he thinks they will have the draft ready to be distributed to all municipalities by the first week of July.  Then they will schedule a meeting to discuss the draft.  Once approved by the municipalities, it will be presented to the public (probably sometime in September).  Details are still being worked out for the lagoon with possible construction starting within the next thirty days.  Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that Mr. Yeatman’s report be approved.  MOTION CARRIED.


Roadmaster: Steve Price read the May Roadmaster report, which is on file. Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that the Roadmaster’s report be accepted.  MOTION CARRIED.


Regional Recreational Authority:  No report


Old Business:  Bernard Park:  No report


Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that Delores Ralph be appointed to fill the vacant auditor’s position.  MOTION CARRIED.


Supervisor’s read the draft of the Ordinance for fire hydrants which was provided by the Township Solicitor.  Kepler said the draft states that anyone living within 780 feet of the fire hydrant must be taxed.  An assessment will need to be made and the tax collector will send bills.  John Jackson questioned if that included farmers.  Astle would like specific wording for Home Owner’s Associations.  The Township Solicitor will be asked to address the questions and supply an additional draft with appropriate changes made.


New business:  The Township received a request for speed reduction and traffic light from Lincoln University’s President, Ivory V. Nelson, Ph.D.  Kepler moved and Astle seconded that the secretary send a letter to PENNDOT requesting a traffic study.  Once a response is received from PENNDOT, we will inform Lincoln University of their decision and perhaps suggest a change in the traffic patterns at the University.  MOTION CARRIED.

Other Business: Park & Ride:  Kepler reported that he spoke with PENNDOT and they are willing to share the cost of expanding the current Park & Ride at Route 1 and 472.  Astle moved and Hershey seconded that we share the costs with PENNDOT and expand the Park & Ride.  MOTION CARRIED.

Open Space:  Kepler moved and Hershey seconded while Astle abstained to agree that the appraised price of the agricultural easement for the Astle property is reasonable and that upon the Township’s taking the steps necessary to comply with the requirements of the Open Space Earned Income Tax Ordinance that the Township may notify the County of Chester and the landowner of their intention to enter into an agreement for the purchase of an agriculture security easement on the property, subject to the above action.  MOTION CARRIED.


Astle questioned the Fire Company’s warning that an increase in fees will be taking effect for 2007.  He stated that when budget time comes, we will need to discuss how to cover the increase; whether we will need to raise taxes or not.


Under Public comments:

Jane Downs thanked the Supervisors for having Tee Time turn the lights off when they close at night.

Chris Ketterly asked that the “Ordinance Task Force” appear on the monthly BOS agenda.  She also asked if the Planning Commission could start meeting bi-monthly so that the “Task Force” could have more time to “get into the ordinances.”  She asked Mr. Kepler if Wyncote Dr. is dedicated.  And she stated that she found a report on the internet regarding crime at Wal-Mart.

JoJo Campbell questioned why there was a deadline to appear on the agenda if you can just come to the meeting and ask to be put on it.  She told the Supervisors: “don’t let those developers push you around.”

Teri Dignazio questioned if the Supervisors had a chance to read about the proposed AES pipeline.  She wondered if they had any environmental concerns.


With no further comments, Hershey moved and Kepler seconded that the meeting be adjourned.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:25p.m.                                             


Respectfully submitted,



Sara B. Laganelli