July 12, 2006


            The Regular Meeting of the Lower Oxford Township Board of Supervisors was held at the Township Building, 220 Township Road, on Wednesday, July 12, 2006.  Those present were: Supervisors Arthur A. Astle, Kenneth L. Hershey and W. Ronald Kepler; Code Enforcement Officer, Deborah Kinney; Building Inspector, John Jackson; Secretary, Sara Laganelli, and 22 guests.


Chairman Astle called the meeting to order at 7:00 p.m. and led the Pledge of Allegiance.


There was no public comment concerning items on the agenda.


Recognition of those asking to appear on the agenda:


Doug Burnett, of 16 Quarryville Road, requested to speak about the Township adopting a noise ordinance.


Kepler moved and Hershey seconded to approve the minutes of the Regular Meeting held June 14th as presented.  MOTION CARRIED.


The Secretary/Treasurer presented the bills totaling $858.19 for the State Fund, $701.92 for the Open Space Fund, and $496,599.04 for the General Fund. A copy is attached to the minutes. Hershey moved and Kepler ershey seconded that the listing of bills be approved for payment. MOTION CARRIED.


Budget Transfers:  The Secretary/Treasurer presented budget transfer requests for the General Fund.  Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that Resolution 2006-27 authorizing budget transfers in the amount of $26,000 for the General Fund be adopted.  MOTION CARRIED.

Fiduciary Transfers: The Secretary/Treasurer presented a refund request and a transfer request for reimbursement of expenses in the General Fund by developers.  Kepler moved and Hershey seconded to authorize a refund of $254.14 and a transfer of $1,238.00 from the Escrow Fund to the General Fund.  MOTION CARRIED.


Hershey moved and Kepler seconded to adopt Resolution 2006-22 for Fulton Bank to remove Ruth Libby from the accounts and add Sara Laganelli.  MOTION CARRIED.  Hershey moved and Kepler seconded to adopt Resolution 2006-23 from Willow Grove (First Financial) Bank to remove Ruth Libby from the escrow accounts and add Sara Laganelli.  MOTION CARRIED.  Hershey moved and Kepler seconded to adopt Resolution 2006-24 for Fulton Bank to remove Ruth Libby from the Township credit card and add Sara Laganelli.  MOTION CARRIED.  Hershey moved and Kepler seconded to adopt Resolution 2006-25 from National Penn (PBO) Bank to remove Ruth Libby from the CD’s there and add Sara Laganelli.  MOTION CARRIED.  The secretary requested that the township pay for all expenses for her to take a PSATS class on Budgets in West Chester on August 22nd.  Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that the expenses be paid for Sara to go to the one day seminar.  MOTION CARRIED.


The following correspondence was noted:

Letter from West Nottingham Township Supervisors regarding OASA and the Act 537 Plan.  They feel that “satellite, shared, independent, and/or small-community sewage treatment facilities” should be kept to a minimum.  Also, where necessary, they should be managed by OASA.  If LOT Supervisors agree with the letter, they urge us to write a letter to OASA urging them to implement the necessary specifications and regulations.

Letter from Armstrong Cable Services alerting us of the “Cable Choice and Competition Bill” that was introduced by Senator Pileggi.  They are urging us to oppose this legislation.

Neighborhood Services Center and Neighborhood Health Agencies, Inc. sent letters thanking us for our donations.

Letter from Tim Humphrey of Bryans Way, LOT, urging the Board of Supervisors to reject the Jones & Losito proposal and keep the composting ordinance that was passed in March 2004.

Letter from Robert Meitz, Secretary of Wyncote Home Owner’s Association, requesting a designated “walking/bike path lane marking” be added to Wyncote Drive.

Financial Statements for 2004 and 2005 as well as the June 2006 Incident Report from Union Fire Co.  We had 61 incident calls in June.

The secretary sent a letter to Senator Pileggi and Representative Hershey stating that the LOT BOS opposes the proposed “Cable Customer Choice and Competition Act.”

The secretary also sent a letter to PENNDOT on behalf of Lincoln University requesting a traffic study in front of the University.  The secretary asked that they consider lowering the speed limit to 25 mph on Baltimore Pike between Ashmun Ave. and Township Rd. as well as installing a traffic signal at the intersection of Baltimore Pike and University Rd.


Discussion:  Kepler questioned the letter from West Nottingham Township.  He asked Bob Yeatman, who was in the audience, if we had already done what the letter asked.  After some discussion, the Supervisors agreed that what West Nottingham’s Supervisors were asking was not necessary.  Kepler also addressed the letter from Wyncote requesting a bike/walk path on Wyncote Drive.  He had contacted the Township Engineer and Solicitor and they both said no because of liability risks.  The supervisors asked the Secretary to write a letter in response to the request from Mr. Meitz and tell him the answer is no.


Reports: John Jackson presented his June report that showed fourteen inspections.  Included were one plan review, five footing, and two final inspections.  Kepler moved and Astle seconded that the Building Inspector’s report be accepted.  MOTION CARRIED.


Code Enforcement Officer’s report: Deborah Kinney presented her June report that showed six permits were issued with a construction value of $980,196 resulting in permit fees of $3,333.00. She reported 3 Certificates of Occupancy and one sign permit were issued.

Violation report:  Mrs. Kinney reported she sent three letters regarding vehicle code violations and one regarding a weed violation.

Subdivision Report:  Mrs. Kinney said that the Dougherty Subdivision had been recorded.  She then introduced Jim Fritch from Regester Land Planners.  The Wilkinson Affinity 1 requested a waiver of cart way for Calvary Road.  Mr. Fritch presented a sketch plan of the Wilson Subdivision.  He stated that he had met with Ed Fisher, Ron Kepler and a few others on site at Calvary Road.  They all agreed that Calvary Road needed to be widened to twenty feet.  Supervisors agreed to widen the part of Calvary Road that will border the Wilson Subdivision to twenty feet.  Kepler suggested they wait on the results of the core samples that were taken before any further action.

Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that they adopt Resolution 2006-26 to extend the Final Plan Resolution for Hearthstone at Oxford another 90-days.  MOTION CARRIED.

Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that they accept the Sewage Maintenance Agreements for 16 lots at Wyncote (for Woodstone Homes), Lots #76 thru #83, Lot #85, Lots #87 thru 89, Lots #106, #107, #109, and #110, contingent upon the Financial Agreement being approved by our Solicitor and a letter from her stating that all is in order and ready to sign.  MOTION CARRIED.

Hershey moved and Kepler seconded that the Code Enforcement Officer’s report be accepted. MOTION CARRIED.


The Board read the June report of activities from the Township Engineer. Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that the engineer’s report be accepted. MOTION CARRIED. 


Regional Act 537 Plan: Bob Yeatman reported that construction of the new lagoon has not started yet, but it should be fairly soon.  As far as they know the Act 537 plan doesn’t need anything else to complete it.  Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that Mr. Yeatman’s report be approved.  MOTION CARRIED.


Roadmaster: Ron Kepler read the June Roadmaster report.  Hershey moved and Kepler seconded that the Roadmaster’s report be accepted.  MOTION CARRIED.


Regional Recreational Authority:  James Pierson reported that everything is on schedule for the fair.  They need sponsors and volunteers.  The website is www.theoxfordfair.org.  Debbie Kinney said she would put a link to their site on LOT’s website.


Old Business:  Bernard Park:  Kepler reported that he took the swing down for repairs and put up new lights.




Other Business:  Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that they adopt Resolution 2006-28 recognizing Ruth Libby for her nine years of dedicated service to the township.


Astle suggested the Board of Supervisors contact the Ag Preservation Board to see what they can do about helping the Amish who want to buy preserved property.  As it is now, they are not allowed to subdivide less than ten acres on preserved property.  Astle and Hershey discussed and would like to urge the Ag Preservation Board to look over and reconsider some of the rules and regulations.


Kepler moved, Hershey seconded, while Astle abstained, that they authorize the Township Solicitor to set a date and advertise for a hearing for Open Space purchases of the Astle, Huf, and Robinson Farms.  The Secretary is to write a letter to the Ag Preservation Board letting them know that Mark Huf has accepted the offer and the Township has money available and will work out a tentative payment schedule with Mr. Huf.


Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that the Secretary is to write a letter to the Auditors letting them know that Ruth Libby has retired and that they need to do an audit up through June 30, 2006.


Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that the new secretary, Sara Laganelli, receive $14 per hour retro active to July 1, 2006.  They will re-evaluate her in the near future.


Kepler said he received a phone call regarding the pipeline asking if he had any comments.  They asked if the pipeline would be near any residential or commercial developments in our township.


Kepler moved and Hershey seconded that they allow the Township Solicitor to hire extra help for the Jones/Losito lawsuit which the Attorney General has filed.


Under Public comments:

JoJo Campbell requested that the Township consider lowering the speed limits on Bethel and Calvary Roads due to the anticipated increase in traffic from the Wilson Subdivision.

Teri Dignazio asked if the website was up and running.


With no further comments, Astle moved and Hershey seconded that the meeting be adjourned.  The meeting was adjourned at 8:55p.m.                                            


Respectfully submitted,



Sara B. Laganelli